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Can I change materials and colours ?

How do I choose colours that perfectly match my outfit ?

Can I have leather and fabric samples sent to me ?

How to match a clutch with shoes ?

Can I choose other knots for shoes and pumps?

Can I change the heels ?

Can I see my customisation ?

What happens if my customisation does not suit me?

How to do for my shoe size ?

Why use paper strips to measure my feet ?

Do you have small or large sizes ?

What happens if the size doesn't fit ?

Do you have different widths for the calves ?

How to enter my calf measurements ?

Can the height on the legs of knee-high boots, and thigh-high boots, be adjusted ?

How to order for two people ?

How can I pay ?

Is it possible to pay in several instalments ?

How to get a refund ?

How long will the delivery take ?

How much is shipping ?

How to contact you ?

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